Free wool!

Would you like to have a go at knitting?
Or maybe you’re a more experienced knitter whose stock is running low?

Let us help you keep your hands and mind occupied with Balls for Boredom!

We started this project as we wanted to do something to prevent our local older people getting bored at home, especially if you can’t get out to a wool shop at the moment.

If you are over 60 and in Somerset or North Somerset we can NOW send you two FOUR free balls of wool!

Some balls of wool.

We started out with 100 balls of wool that had been kindly donated to us and Girlings Retirement Rentals kindly covered our postage costs.

Before we knew it all the wool was gone!

We put out a plea for wool. Then a wonderful thing happened.

First the Frome Yarn Collective got in touch to say they’d like to help, and then we had a flood of kind offers of help and loads of people sending us wool!

Do you have any wool you’d like to donate?

We can only keep this scheme going for as long as we have balls of wool to send out. Balls for Boredom is only possible because of donations from very kind people and businesses.

If you have spare wool and don’t mind paying the postage to get it to us, we’d be ever so grateful.

Please click here to email me and I’ll let you know the address to send them to

Would you like to make a donation to help cover the costs of postage?

Every pack of balls of wool we send out counts as a small parcel and this costs us £2.95 to send.

If you could please help with these postage costs, we can continue to send out our donated wool to those that would like it.

Please click here to go to our Balls for Boredom donation page.

How to claim your free wool

Just fill in this form. Your balls will then be sent using Royal Mail 2nd class post (so it may take a few days to arrive.) We can only send wool to older people in the area that our charity covers – Somerset or North Somerset.

Balls for Boredom request

We can’t guarantee particular colours, but we’ll try to match if we can!

You can do what you like with your balls of wool – we have a fundraising project with innocent smoothies called the Big Knit if you’d like to help?

Whatever you knit we’d love it if you could send us a photo to add to this page.

If you’d also like to knit little hats to take part in The Big Knit fundraising campaign we’d be delighted!

We’ve sent over 120 packs of wool out.

We’re very grateful to Girlings Retirement Rentals who are sponsoring our postage costs!

The kind volunteer storing and sending out the wool would like to have their spare bed back!

Balls for Boredom photo gallery

Knitted with wool sent out via our Balls for Boredom scheme

Latest news about the Balls for Boredom project…..

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    So far we have sent out over 220 balls of wool and more than a dozen charities have benefited! We’ve been delighted to receive feedback from the recipients of the wool about what a difference it has made during lockdown and the wide variety of things they have made. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR KNITTERS … Continued