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Fancing doing some knitting?

The Big Knit is happening again in 2020! So if you have some wool, make a cup of tea, put the radio on (see our listen page for suggestions!) and we’d be really grateful if you could knit us some little hats for the Innocent fundraising campaign.


Hold on to your hats though!
Our Offices are closed at the moment so if you could hold on to any hats you knit for the time being we’ll help you get them to us when the time comes. We don’t think the deadline is until August 2021 so we’re hoping we can exceed last year’s target!

What if I haven’t got any wool?

Don’t worry! Thanks to Girlings we’ve got you covered! We have a hundred balls of wool that we are sending free to those who request them! See our Balls for Boredom page for more details

The nearest thing one of our Volunteers got as an easter egg this year.

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