Man on map.

Let’s do some exploring and adventuring online!

Visiting new places can be exciting, stimulating, interesting or just enjoyable. Its’ good for our souls and it’s good for our minds. We learn something new, we try new food, we see new sights. That’s why we’re pulling together a collection of the best places you can visit using only your smartphone or computer! Please scroll down to see these links.

Join us in creating a Grand Tour!

If you have a favourite place, or somewhere that you’ve wanted to visit, whether abroad or in the UK, please help us make a map by filling in the form via the link below.

Once we receive the form we’ll upload your information on to the map. We won’t share your contact details but if you give us your initials we’ll include them so you can spot your own handiwork!

The information we would love is: Name of destination, A little bit of info about it, Links to places you can visit online, links to any webcams, links to history, links to foods, links to music and links to books. You can add as little or as much information as you like!

More information and links: