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In case you are losing track of what day of the week it is, today is

Saturday 24 July 2021

If you are self-isolating at home it is important to keep active, both physically and mentally.

Could now be the time to do those jobs around the house that you never had time for?

Looking on the bright side now could be the time to do all those jobs around the house you never had time for? If you are lucky enough to have a garden, get outside and see all the changes that are taking place. Perhaps now is the time to start a project or learn something new? Connect with friends by phone, email and even letter!

Try to mix things up a bit so the days don’t blur.

It’s important to stay positive and to look after yourself. This will pass but until it does it will help to continue being active, perhaps in different ways, to look after your mental health and to get into a routine so that the days don’t just blur into each other. This situation is not what any of us would have asked for, but if you can, use your time well and you’ll get a sense of satisfaction from what you’ve achieved. Why do we talk about “killing time”, when it’s much better to make good use of it!

There are lots of suggestions for things to do on this website

Follow the links that drop down under ‘Things to Do’ on the menu above to find lots of things to keep your mind and body active, whatever your interests are.

Take our Daily Planner challenge!

We’ll try to keep this website full of ideas for challenging, invigorating or enjoyable things to do.
The challenge is to look at the planner below and try to tick off something new from each suggested category each day!

First hourHave a nice hot drink and look out of the window for a bit. Take in the weather and what's going on in the world! When you feel lively enough go and have a shower or wash and get dressed. You may not be seeing anyone but if you make yourself look presentable you'll feel better for it!
Morning After you've had time to wake up, check out today's Word of the Day - try to remember it for tomorrow & test yourself.
Select one of the Staying Active at Home sessions to look at and maybe try.
Now your endorphins have given you a sense of well-being have a look at the news using our Newsdeck where all different sources are brought together.
Now it's time to look after your mental well-being. Find out some tips to keep your mind calm here.
How did you do?
Lunch timeMake & enjoy a healthy balanced meal if possible. It'll bring you pleasure and be good for the immune system.
AfternoonIf the weather is nice why not pop outside if you have a garden, if not then throw open the windows.
There are lots of options on our Things to Do page why not alternate - is today a learn or a visit somewhere new day? You could contribute to our Grand Tour map!
It's very important to stay social so make the effort to call or email a friend. Even then you could do things a bit differently - have a look at our Staying Sociable page for ideas. If you have a smart-phone or computer you could video call them - find out how
EveningTake time over cooking your dinner (perhaps you could find inspiration on our cooking page?) and really savour it.
Instead of just watching any old thing on the TV, if you're stuck have a look at our watch page.
Or if you'd prefer you a book you could visit ourreading page

Have a great night's sleep and try to do it again (but different) tomorrow!

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