Be kind to yourself

These are hard times for everyone. A new way of life and no-one knows when it will end.
This situation can cause multiple anxieties, stress and an increase in loneliness. We feel we have very little control.

Age UK Somerset is part of the Somerset Mental Health Alliance

Together all of us partner organisations are working to ensure that there is always someone you can talk to when things get hard for you. Call Mindline Somerset on 01823 276892, or if you’d like a Friendly Phonecall call us on 01823 345610.

Mindline Somerset

Watch the charities involved talking about the Mindline Helpline

On this page we will list some resources that may help us to look after our mental health.

Please contact us if there are more resources we should add.

Lady smiling while on phone

Friendly phone calls

If you are feeling lonely or a bit isolated and feel that a chat would help, get in touch! We have started a new Friendly Phone calls service which is just that!

Sign up and you will receive a phone call from one our friendly members of staff.

Call 01823 345610 to register

Please leave a message including your name and number