On this page you’ll find some links and videos for exercises and activities you can do safely at home.

It’s very important that we try to keep ourselves in good shape at this time.

Here are some resources to help you maintain your level of fitness, strength and balance.
Pencil in some time on your daily planner to keep you motivated or encourage older friends and relatives to do so!

If you need anything printed and posted because they don’t have internet access please get in touch.

Make Movement Your Mission!

If you want to set aside time each day in an organised way, try Later Life’s “make movement your mission” programme. 10 minutes, 2 times a day, for 30 days….you can watch the introductory video below and find out how to sign up for free.

Stay Active at Home – Strength and balance exercises for older people

Exercises for older people from NHS Choices

Chair based exercises for older adults manual

Leaflet from Alliance – A guide to help you stay active and improve strength and balance at any age


Later Life Training

Later Life have some wonderful activities that can help over the coming weeks. You can find their simple chair-based exercise programme leaflet here.

Free motivational calendar!

Later Life Training have also made their wonderful ‘I Can’ calendar available free as an online download. They describe it as their, “new habit forming, movement prompting, motivation thought provoking, strength and balance monitoring… calendar!”

Tai Chi for health

Tai Chi is as effective as most high-impact exercises at improving circulation and co-ordination and decreasing blood pressure. As importantly for older people, it is extremely effective at improving physical balance, vitally important for helping to prevent falls in later life. 

This video is from www.taichiforbetterhealth.co

Click on the square at the bottom to watch it on full screen.

That video along with a list of moves can be found at http://www.taichiforhealth.org.uk/shibashi-1-video.html

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