Advice on taking care of yourself during the Coronavirus outbreak

These are very difficult times and you might be worried about Coronavirus and not happy about having to stay at home. Self-isolation can make one feel low. This can be worse if you are on your own and every day there seems to be nothing but bad news on the TV and radio. It is very important to take good care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally at this time, ready to be strong and healthy when the situation improves.

Some tips on looking after yourself
(which are mostly common sense)

  • Put a new routine in place and try to stick to it. Make weekdays different from weekends. There are a lot of things out of our control at the moment but having a routine is one thing you can control. It will make you feel a bit more normal and able to carry on.

  • Try to ensure you get a good nights sleep. A recent survey revealed that a lot of us weren’t sleeping well at the moment. Good sleep is the best gift you can give to yourself. It’s great for your physical and mental wellbeing.
    The NHS website has some tips on how to sleep better – read it here.

  • Find someone you can talk to on the telephone. This could be a friend, a relative, someone from a Age UK Somerset’s Friendly Phonecalls team, or another organisation. The main thing is talk to someone about your worries. If you bottle your worries up they can get worse and you’ll feel much better for expressing how you feel.

  • Stay active! Whether it’s a walk around the garden, or taking advantage of one of the many online resources available, it is easy to stay fit and very important.
    Visit our Staying Active at Home page for more information.

  • Stay mentally active! Learn something new, do a puzzle or read a good book. It’s good to keep the old grey matter lively. Have a look at our Things to Do section for ideas.

  • Get some fresh air. Throw open the windows or stand outside if you can. Being in a stuffy house all day won’t help you to feel healthy. You might find yourself getting claustrophobic or getting a headache.

  • Notice your surroundings. If you concentrate on where you are and what you can see and hear, even if only for a short time each day, it will help you forget your worries and might bring you a little peace. We have a nature section on the website that might help with this.
Some lambs in the April sunshine.
  • Try to eat healthy, balanced meals. Don’t forget about eating just because your daily routine may be confused. Try to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your diet. Frozen or tinned vegetables are fine in place of fresh. If you’re interested in having a go at some new recipes visit our Cooking section!

  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol and smoking.

  • Get busy doing something you enjoy. Studies show we are most happy when we are absorbed in what we are doing, so take some time to treat yourself to doing your favourite activity! If you need some ideas, visit our Things to Do page.

  • Have fun. Think about what (or who) makes you laugh and spend some time doing that! We’re trying to add some funny things to this website (while recognising we don’t all share a sense of humour!)>

  • Make someone’s day! Doing something for someone else – whether it is calling them to say you are thinking of them, doing them a favour or putting a note in the post takes our minds off our own worries and does wonders for the way we feel about ourselves. Even if it is something small it will pay dividends.

  • Don’t neglect your mental healthvisit this page for more information.

  • Be careful what you watch on TV. Find nice programmes to watch. Give yourself a break from the news, even if it’s just for one day, you’ll be glad you did.

Information on staying well from other sources: