So how are we all doing?

So we are around 4 weeks into lockdown. For many its been tough. Cramped living accommodation and no outside space are two very common problems. Many are still finding it hard to get food and all are finding the prices higher than they have ever been. Tough times for sure, but is it all negative?

By no means! The weather has been perfect and the weather always affects our mood for the better. Some have re-discovered old hobbies or new interests. As a nation we have been humbled by the work of our NHS and many other key workers, all of them unsung heroes. We have also had proof positive that the volunteering spirit is alive and well in our country.

So can I wish every one of you well, can I ask you to use this resource fully. It is updated regularly with new things to do and new information to keep you in the picture. Remember too, if you just want to chat then we are here for that too. Just ring 01823-345610 and we will get someone to call you back for a chat. if you have anything that is worrying you then call that same number because a problem shared is a problem halved. We ARE in this together.