Phil Dolan (Chief Executive, Age UK Somerset)

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  • So how are we all doing?
    So we are around 4 weeks into lockdown. For many its been tough. Cramped living accommodation and no outside space are two very common problems. Many are still finding it hard to get food and all are finding the prices higher than they have ever been. Tough times for sure, but is it all negative? By no means! The weather has been perfect and the weather always affects our mood for the better. Some have re-discovered old hobbies or new interests. As a nation we have been humbled by the work of our NHS and many other key workers, all … Continued
  • We are here to help
    Welcome to our new website. We’ve created this new website especially to help all of us through these difficult times.Age UK Somerset has been supporting older people in our area for over 70 years and we will continue to do so during these times of coronavirus. So why this new website? Well we wanted to bring the specific help and advice necessary during these times into one place. To make it easy for you, without having to trawl through pages of interesting but unimportant stuff. Please use this site for information, hints and tips and even some laughs. If there … Continued
  • How can communities support ‘At Risk’ groups during isolation?
    By Phil Dolan, Chief Executive, Age UK Somerset Covid 19 is taking us all into unchartered territories. An understatement if ever there was one. Worrying times but also how uplifting to see so many people wanting to volunteer, to help, to shop, to care, to do something. But how best to use this amazing resource? And, just as important, how can we reduce the risks inherent in new initiatives? The catalyst for the outpouring of so much goodwill across the country is undoubtedly the news that those over 70 will be asked to isolate themselves for a considerable period of … Continued