Test and Trace Covid Test Telephone Scam

We’ve been getting reports of people receiving “track and trace NHS” phone calls, saying

“we need to send you a kit. It’s £50. Can you give me card details?”

This is a scam. Tests for Covid 19 are free from the NHS and can be booked through the government’s website here: https://self-referral.test-for-coronavirus.service.gov.uk/antigen/name

Although you can buy a test from a number of places no-one should be ringing you and asking for payment there and then.

Never give people you haven’t verified your card details over the phone. Hang up and block the number if you can.

Telephone scams like this can be reported to BT = https://www.bt.com/consumer/edw/scams/
or Action Fraud = https://reporting.actionfraud.police.uk/reporting