Co-op Member? Please support us as your local cause and help us bring people together.

If you are a co-op member, when you buy selected products or services, 2p for every £1 spent goes into your membership account. Co-op splits the same amount and donates it to local causes through the Co-op Local Community Fund.

Co-op local cause banner

You can select a local cause you would like to support and it would be really great if you could support Age UK Somerset. We are trying to raise money so that we can provide some of our Zoom online exercise sessions for free!

We have hundreds of older people who are missing their weekly exercise, so these virtual classes will bring them back together again with your help.

If you log in to your Co-op membership account you can search “local causes”. Although we work across Somerset and North Somerset I think we had to add a location, so you may have to extend the miles to find us. Alternatively just click below to visit our local cause page directly and select us from there.